Areas of Law

Economic Criminal Law

- Cyber crimes, identity theft.
- Corporate crimes and corrupt practices.
- Tax evasion and fraud.
- Money laundering.
- Subsidy fraud.
- Intellectual property and copyright crimes.
- Market and consumer offences.
Fiscal and Tax Law

- Tax advisory services for individuals and companies.
- Tax advisory for non-residents.
- Illicit appropiation.
- Spanish Tax Relief regulation.
Banking Law

- Customer disputes and complaints against banking products such as swaps, mortgages, cross currency insurance.
Planning and property law

- Legal advice concerning real estate.
- Rights and interests in real state and real property.
- Sales, purchases and other transfers of real estate and real property.
- Negotiations with local authorities.
- Litigation and administrative disputes with authorities.
International Law

- Cross-border settlements in the case of inheritance for foreigners.
- Recognition and execution of foreign sentences in Spain.
- Divorce and legal separation for spouses of different nationalities.
- International child abductions.
Civil and Business Law

- Arrangements with creditors.
- Rental agreements and evictions.
- Owners communities.
- Medical malpractice.
- Separations and divorces.
- Settlement of matrimonial assets.
- Donations and testamentary proceedings (wills).
- Minors law.
Criminal Law

- Crimes against the individual.
- Criminal offences against honor and reputation.
- Property crimes: theft and robbery
- Road safety offences: speeding, drink-driving.
- Gender-based violence.
Employment Law

-Employer and employee disputes.
-Cost of severance payments and individual claims.
-Redundacy plans, layoffs, employment law sanctions and termination of employment contracts.
- Prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace.

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